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Chocolate and Chin Ups is my website, brand, mantra and lifestyle. I’m Kirsty Lee Hutton, a Personal Trainer from Melbourne, Australia. My road to being a PT came via a law degree and a few years working in the corporate world, where I learnt that not only did I dislike the work, I despised the people I was working with. After working closely with a dishonest, drug addicted, cheating CEO, whose only talent seemed to be making large sums of money disappear, I was sure that life as a “corporate” was not for me. 

Now I spend my time helping clients reach their health and fitness goals in the gym, and have the time and freedom to fulfil my passion of writing.  Although health and fitness are important to me, I’ll always have a soft spot for chocolate. There was a time when I’d deny myself the small things for the sake of fitness, but lately I’ve decided that “clean not balanced” is the lifestyle for me. It’s sustainable, it’s fun and it makes sense. Most importantly of all, it includes indulgence!

Fitness on Tram TracksChocolate and Chin Ups represents four components of life that I love: Sweat, Fuel, Boost and Indulge. Whatever your mood or whatever you want to read about on any given day, I’ll hopefully have something for you here.

There is perfection in balance, so make it happen.


I also write children’s books which you can check out at www.kingsleykids.com